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Stars and Stripes

Stars and Stripes

Happy 4th of July (early)! I love holidays with major themes because it always gives me a reason to shop! On July 4th, the majority of the country will gather together with family, friends, food, and of course fireworks! Whether you're celebrating by BBQing or attending a fancy party, you'll be breaking out the red, white, and blue on this momentous occasion. I know some people go insane with dressing up for this holiday: face paint, crazy t-shirts, and maybe even a flag cape? However, if you're wanting to celebrate this holiday more on the low key side or even a stylish side, then you'll want to check out my top 3 outfit choices for the day. Each one is perfect for however you plan to celebrate our nation's holiday. 

*Important side note: Target's $1 section has great stuff to help you celebrate the 4th...and can even make for cute pics. I got my bubble maker there!



First up is my most casual look--perfect for BBQs, pool parties, etc. I'm not a major graphic tee person, but I seriously could not resist this great find! (@Target...of course) I think graphic tees that fit your interests and/or personality are a great asset to your closet and help define your personal style. I love Rosé and I love my country, plus it rhymes, so it's a win win win!! Wearing a t-shirt in the heat of July is probably the best option because it's lightweight and comfortable and goes perfectly with shorts. I added the bright blue scarf, mostly because, you know me, I love to mix prints and colors. But I also love accessorizing with scarves any way I can. I decided to put it in my hair because: 1. of the high neckline of the shirt 2. having it in my hair adds nice layer to the outfit without it being distracting 3. didn't want to cover the words. Throw on a pair of your favorite sneakers (mine are my light grey Adidas) or a pair of sandals and you are good to go!


Okay so I went a little off the grid with this look. I know there are people out there who love the 4th of July, but would rather not dress so in your face about it. My solution to that is to find the off colors like coral, baby blue, and light grey instead of white. The colors I chose are red orange, light blue, and cream/gold accessories. (I will say this shirt is even more red red orange in person, but the photo budget is low and I can't control the sun...)  If you're not one to go crazy and color block red and white and blue with what you're wearing, find different shades of those colors that compliment each other. This look is still great for BBQs or neighborhood block parties, but it's a little dressier than just a t-shirt and denim shorts. You could wear this to numerous other events PLUS you can wear the whole thing again on July 5th, August 10th, or really whenever and no one will ever say you look like the 4th of July!


And last but not least, the "if you're going to a cocktail like party to celebrate the 4th" outfit! Sundress. Sundress. Sundress. I cannot say it enough. I'm going to Arizona to celebrate with my family for the 4th and it's going to be hot and dry! I know a large portion of the country will be celebrating this holiday with ridiculously high percentages of humidity. I find that sundresses are 10X more cooler and more comfortable than denim shorts in any kind of heat. It may be a personal preference but think about when you do get a breeze, what piece of clothing is more breathable? This dress was one of those amazing, on sale finds! It fits perfectly and is extremely comfortable. The best part about it, is (my favorite word) versatile. I could totally throw on a pair of flat sandals and big button earrings and have a completely new outfit. Still dressier than the first two outfits, but definitely more casual than the picture above. What I love most about this outfit is that it is one major color and other two are subtle. It's not an intense holiday outfit, so if that's not what you want then my best advice to you is to pick one color out of the three that's going to be your major statement color. I love blue and out of the three that's the color that looks best on me. So pick your color based on what looks best and/or what is your favorite, then incorporate the remaining two very subtly into the outfit. The best way to do it is through accessories, shoes, or lip color (since it's subtle, red lipstick would be the only option). 


General Tip:

Look for the details that draw your attention. It may be a "simple navy dress" but the way it's cut, the fabric used, or in this case the detailing of the straps makes the piece infinitely more special. It allows you to maintain a classic look while also adding your own personal touch. 

Thanks for reading! I hope everyone has a wonderful (and stylish)  4th of July. Wear what speaks to you. You can most definitely be patriotic and true to your own personal style!

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