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Mix Your Prints

Mix Your Prints


Okay I will be the first to admit mixing prints, colors, and textures scare me. Like "OH NO! I do not want to be on Perez Hilton's 'What were you thinking' insta post even though I'm not famous and he has no idea who I am" type scared. I mean come on no one wants to make a "fashion mistake". I'm sure I'm not the only one who has gone through my social media feeds and have deleted some "what was I thinking" looks. **Feel free to comment and back me up on this :) We all know the ones--they usually date back to our high school and middle school years. Not to say when I came to college I knew everything there was to know about dressing myself. I DID NOT. For the first two years it was a majorly awkward transition between my high school self and the woman I was growing up to be. UPDATE: still growing, not done yet! Nevertheless, I was changing and so was my closet. I began reading fashion books and of course spent my free time on Pinterest. If you ever want to look up my personal Pinterest boards there is quite the evolution in my clothing boards.

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 I went from preppy well beyond my years to a somewhat edgier, yet still remaining classic, 20 something year old. I love the preppy look-don't get me wrong, but now I incorporate in a way that makes me feel my age. All lovers of fashion and style want to dress fresh, cutting edge, and chic while still remaining true to oneself. I believe those people are the most "fashionable"-the ones that keep up with the fashion climate, but never let themselves get bogged down by it. There's always that balance of fashion and style. However, it's always good to challenge oneself and my challenge is mixing. I have gotten better with colors and textures, but prints are something I avoid heavily well at least until now. 

The ruffles on the shoes were an added touch of mixing prints and textures. 

The ruffles on the shoes were an added touch of mixing prints and textures. 

Needless to say I definitely chose to stay within the flower fam for the mixing of these prints. This outfit sort of just happened. I was out shopping and found the top and pants at separate stores and at first wasn't planning on pairing them together. When I'm shopping, I'm not shopping for new outfits, but just clothes to add and compliment the ones already in my closet. It wasn't until I got home and I was preparing for my blog shoot that was the next day, that I thought "hey why not? I think these two could work together". And so they did, which thank god because little me did not actually try on the outfit before it was time to shoot it. Sometimes I find it better to do it that way because you can most definitely overanalyze what you're wearing. I like to just throw it on and go!

The thing about mixing prints is that there is no rhyme or reason about it. I've seen tips on how to start, but in all honestly that just calls for less fun and more critical analysis of what you're wearing. Umm I don't know about you but I hate wasting time figuring out what to wear. So here's my advice to mixing prints: 

1. Don't overthink it. 

2. Start small with either shoes or accessories. I love bandanas/scarves for this. *see plaid blazer post on how I mixed the blazer with a paisley bandana. It's easy and small enough that you won't feel like you're going to mix 'n match day at school. 

3. Go with what you think compliments each other. I prefer a more subtle mix of prints that blend well together as opposed to blatantly different prints. It's called "mixing" for a reason.

4. If you're going to mix, don't just mix a shirt and pants. Think about the outfit as a whole. How are the shoes, accessories, and outwear fitting into the puzzle? Mix it up in those aspects as well.

5. MOST IMPORTANT: Do You! As long as you love the way you feel in whatever you're wearing and you have complete and utter confidence, then that's what matters. Throw the rest away!



For me, it's in the details  of the outfit. I like to think about getting dressed as a recipe: What are all the ingredients that go into making the finished product...or outfit? The best cooks are also the ones that don't follow a recipe! So go with your gut and experiment!!

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