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If You're A Foodie, Then You Should Read This: LA Edition

If You're A Foodie, Then You Should Read This: LA Edition

So normally when I go out of town, my meals are mostly planned. Either down to a T with reservations or at least knowing what area I’ll be in and looking up what restaurants are around. Being gluten free and for a long time generally a picky eater, looking up the menu is something I do often. I will say since being in college, studying abroad, and having to change my eating habits has forced me to expand my horizons with food and now I can say I’m less of a picky eater than I was when I was even 3 years ago. I now enjoy food way more and it has become more of an experience than just a way to fuel up. I’m very grateful that I’m able to travel and try new foods and share them with you guys!

This trip ended up being a little different. It was more of a work trip than anything else. I’ve mentioned it before on here, but I’ll say it again, I’m also an actor wanting to work in the film and television industry. This trip was with a few of my graduating class along with current seniors to put on a showcase in LA. What is a showcase? In short, it’s a show where we invite agents, managers, casting directors, and other industry professionals to come watch us perform in hopes to either sign with someone, or a least start networking in the industry/market we wish to work. The weekend mostly consisted of seeing friends and family that live there or nearby, rehearsing, and of course the show. Not a lot of time for major tourist stuff! However I was able to fit in a few fun places!

Now let’s get to the good stuff: food!

First off, you can’t go to California and not have In-N-Out! I get my burger protein style and it is still super delicious! Unfortunately, they don’t have vegan/vegetarian option, but the next time I go to LA, I’m making it my mission to find one.

The thing I love about LA is that there is a juice bar/smoothie place on every corner. Kind of like how you can always find a coffee shop in NY. I stayed in an airbnb so my breakfast consisted of trying new smoothie places.


Open Source Organics

Tucked back in a shopping center on Sunset Boulevard (about a 5 minute walk from the TCL Chinese Theatre) I stumbled upon this juice/smoothie bar after my morning workout. What I loved most about their menu is that all of their smoothies are naturally sweetened—no added sugars. It’s vegan, paleo, and gluten free friendly! Plus they come in super cute glass jars—eco friendly!! I had their Almond Butter Protein smoothie.

Juice Infusion Organic Juice Bar

I was meeting a friend down in Venice Beach for a late brunch and was desperately needing a little pick me up before our meet time so I decided to go down that way earlier and grab a smoothie. I chose this place because it was close to where I was meeting her and I was able to sight see a little! Another juice/smoothie bar that is vegan and gluten free friendly. The juices are paleo friendly, however their protein powder is whey based. I had their Venice Muscle Beach Smoothie and it was the perfect the snack before our brunch!

Probably because I was in such good company, I didn't take pics of the next 4 places (forgive me) however they are definitely worth mentioning! French seemed to be theme with some of places I ate at: The French Market Cafe and Le Petit Four! I had brunch at the market it was absolutely wonderful! My favorite part is that they actually had a small market full of French/European food! We sat outside in the gorgeous California weather! I had a goat cheese and spinach omelet that came with a side salad and a baguette. My friend got to have my baguette since it was not GF. Still worth going there though! The market is on Abbot Kinney Boulevard—"Coolest street in America”. Next, you can find Le Petit on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. Their menu hosts a variety of options for any type of foodie! The setting makes you feel like you are actually in a restaurant in France! I had their scallops salad and it was delightful!

If you are a Hilton Honors member, then you should definitely check out the Beverly Hilton! My parents came to visit and that’s where they stayed! We had breakfast together there and it was to die for—especially if you are GF. I suggest doing the buffet because the options are endless! If you want Thai food, it’s easy to find in LA. I also went to Summer Buffalo on Melrose and it was soooooo good! I had their Cashew Nut Chicken plate and it was super yummy!


Erin McKenna’s Bakery

I found out about this bakery when I was planning my NYC trip and saw that they had an LA location so I made it my mission to go! If you don’t know about this bakery, you should because EVERYTHING is gluten free, vegan, and soy free! My biggest regret was not ordering more for the road! I won’t make that mistake when I go to NY, trust me! Located on the cutest street in Larchmont Village, this bakery made a rainy day in LA seem sunny again! I had a blast exploring the village and eating a delicious donut! Highly recommend checking them out even if you eat whatever you want. I had their coffee donut and it was heavenly!

Even airport food is amazing and friendly to all! I fly Southwest to almost everywhere I go and I have to say the Southwest wing in LAX is pretty bomb! As I was leaving early Tuesday morning all I wanted was a smoothie or something that I could eat. Most of the time, I don’t have a lot of options other than a salad, chips or a snack bar in airports. I wanted a meal people! And then there it was…Beaming Organic Superfood Cafe! An organic planted based, gluten free, dairy free, and soy free juice/smoothie bar! I was able to get their Acai bowl and it was life changing. Don't worry they’re not only found in terminal 1 of LAX, but in many other locations in California, plus you can order products online. They also sold fun products at the kiosk including vegan, paleo chocolate! I couldn’t resist a little snack for the flight home.

I somehow managed to eat at some amazing places with little to no research beforehand. Luckily, the friends I met up with have great taste in food! Sometimes it’s fun to do your own exploring and stumble on a great find! I’m so excited to share my first foodie list. If you ever have recs on where to eat in your town please send them my way. I love trying new restaurants and foods. I can’t wait to share my next list—I promise it won’t be all smoothies again! I’m telling you they were just on every corner in LA!

Love, Reflect, Anticipate, Repeat!

Love, Reflect, Anticipate, Repeat!

If You're A Foodie, Then You Should Read This

If You're A Foodie, Then You Should Read This