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Naturally Beautiful, Naturally You!

Naturally Beautiful, Naturally You!


Yes the title kind of sounds like a slogan for a skincare commercial and maybe in a way it is because I’m here to talk about your natural beauty and how to enhance that with skincare products! In light of “Self Care September”, I wanted to talk about having a more positive body image. While I think all sizes are beautiful and I’m glad they’re starting to be accepted in the fashion and beauty world, I still see a lack of promotion for natural beauty. Don’t get me wrong, I do love to get all dolled up and have fun with makeup. However, I find that there is a major insecurity with people not wearing makeup especially women. I’ve noticed that women are pressured to wear makeup in work environments. That it is found to be unprofessional to not wear makeup. There’s the joke of women not wearing makeup, so they must be sick, depressed, in mourning, stressed…the list of negatives go on and on. I will even admit I have felt more beautiful with layers and layers of makeup on rather than flaunting my natural self. Again, I’m not downing makeup. I love it and it’s fun, but we shouldn’t rely on it to be seen professional, to see ourselves as beautiful, or to hide from the world who we truly are because well…most men don’t have to rely on makeup. Why should we?

Let’s start with me, for example, I am LAZY as heck when it comes to makeup. I would rather sleep in a little longer or eat a nice breakfast than spend 15-30 minutes on my face. In high school and college, I would often go to class bare face and over the years I just got used to the way I looked. In fact, I grew to like how I look without makeup. I love my freckles and my mostly when not on my period clear skin (that I work hard to have). When I was in high school I used to be able to go days without performing a skincare routine and I still would have flawless skin. Super annoying I know, but I guess my skin was resilient. Nowadays, I do need to perform a routine morning and night to maintain clear and glowing skin. I also watch what I eat. Gluten not only affects my digestive system and anxiety, but also my skin. I limit my dairy intake and have found seeds make me break out. Of course adding water, warm lemon water, a low intake of alcohol, and food that enhances the skin only benefits my face even more.


I still have my insecurities. Like when I see a cute guy out and about and I’m all makeup-less or run into someone I want to make a good impression with, I do think about how I wish I had makeup on. I also like to have makeup on when going out with friend or doing something I know a picture might be taken of me. But why do I feel that way? Well society and the beauty industry has taught us that makeup = most beautiful, put together self. Think about all the movies that have a makeover in them: they all have the girl wearing makeup after she has gone through the makeover. Again all fine and dandy, but I think, in turn, it’s harming our self esteem without even realizing it. To be better in life means that we are put together with a full fledge of makeup on our face. We believe we look ugly or a mess without it and that our significant others can’t see us without makeup on until we are married or dead. It’s like that brilliant scene in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” where Midge waits for her husband to fall asleep and then she performs her night routine of taking off her makeup and putting her hair in curlers. She even wakes up before him to get ready so he never sees what she truly looks like. Ladies, I’m telling you now, you DO NOT need makeup to be beautiful, professional, put together or to make someone fall in love with you. Makeup should be a choice not a requirement!

I realize your face, something you see everyday, may be a major insecurity for you. I’m here to tell you, you’re not alone. I would say my biggest insecurity about my body is my weight. What I look like without makeup is the least of my concerns. The reason I’m talking about this issue and not my weight is because I’m currently working hard to get in shape. I already know how to eat well and know the foods that make me feel good (thank you Megan Catalani). I also know I have some underlying issues as to why my stomach bloats, why I’m exhausted all the time, and why my hormones are out of whack. These are things I’m currently working on, but my face without makeup is already beautiful, so I don’t need to “work at it”. First off, I am a daughter of God and so I’m beautiful in a spiritual sense, but also I have looked at myself in the mirror enough times to see the beauty God has given me. Not in a pretentious way, but in a “Dang, I am a beautiful and I need to start recognizing it EVERYDAY!” sort of way. My hope for you all after reading this is for you guys to start saying that to yourselves as well.

There’s that great Audrey Hepburn quote: “I believe happy girls are the prettiest”. Another is “For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others; for beautiful lips, speak words of kindness; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone.” It may be cheesy, but working on your inner self as well as your confidence in who you are, will change how you see yourself. Not because you are physically changing, but your perception of yourself (and the world around you) has shifted. I did this and I swear I have really noticed a difference. I can confidently say, I don’t need makeup to be beautiful! Makeup is a choice, but not a necessity. I spend more money on skincare than makeup so I can make sure that my face is being taken care of; I know if you don’t have clear skin or you may have wrinkles, or whatever, it is harder to want to show your face to the world, but if you economize your money towards products that will help with those insecurities rather than just covering them up, I promise you will wake up one day loving yourself.


I will leave you with this, in high school I was a part of a club called: Girls 4 Good. It was a club dedicated to better the community of women locally, nationally, and globally. On Mondays, we would do this thing called “No Makeup Mondays”. Of course, it was more rare of me to actually wear makeup to school, so participation wasn’t a problem for me. I’m not sure if that’s still going on at my school, but I would like to start it in the real world. Next Monday, go to work, school, run your errands, or whatever you do, do it without makeup. At least one day a week, and see how you feel, how others respond to you, and think more about how you are in the inside rather than the outside. Spend those extra makeup minutes listening to a podcast, getting a little exercise in, or eating a well balance meal. Make that extra time “me time”. Also employ some steps to help have healthy, glowing skin: warm lemon water, a good night’s sleep, a skincare routine catered to your skin, and/or cutting out fast food. You will notice a HUGE difference. Post on you Insta Story and tag me @artlifefashion and #nomakeupmondays and I will share it to my story. Lets empower each other. Lift each other up. And if you can’t say it right now, I will for you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

*I have also posted some of my favorite beauty products on LIKE.to.KNOW.it so you can shop what I use. Currently I’m all over the place with brands, but I’ve found stuff that works! I would like to eventually start wearing more organic and natural ingredient skincare products, however, the ones I’ve tried have broken me out. It’s a process!


I hope you all feel empowered to give #nomakeupmondays a chance and to start loving yourself with and without makeup!

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