Outfit of the Month

Every month I will share my favorite outfit from the previous month!



The floral jumpsuit-versatile and feminine.


Versatility! Say it with me: VERSATILITY! That’s the name of the game when you are on a budget or when you just need easy-to-wear items in your closet! That’s why I love this jumpsuit. Currently being sold at Anthropologie!

In the image above, I’m wearing my white and rose gold Converse tennies, but I could easily pair the jumper with pumps, boot heels, mules—I mean there the options are endless. The great thing about this jumper is that it is part of the pre-fall collection at Anthropologie, so it’ll be something I wear well into the cooler months. Pair with a denim jacket and you’re good to go! The thing when shopping for versatile items, you have to think about the many ways you can wear a piece of clothing and how many different places/occasions you can wear it to.

Can’t wait to share what else I do with this staple item!